Implementing ProHukum

Hire industry expert as part of your team to streamline your administrative work.

The Problem

Implementing a change in your firm can be challenging. Changes such as business process transformation or
new software implementation can be easily accepted or strongly resisted by personnels depending on your
corporate culture.

We understand that buying ProHukum software is a relatively easy process. The challenge lies in
ensuring the software gets implemented well. Hence, we work with industry experts to help your firm
implement ProHukum better.

The Solution

Our verified industry experts have years of experiences in various law firms. They know how law firms work and,
more importantly, how to incorporate ProHukum into the firm to optimize your business process.

They work as part of your team. They help define the implementation process, what to focus on, and work closely
with your personnels to achieve milestones on a monthly basis.

It is very important that the implementation process does not interfere with your ongoing business operations
while giving you the peace of mind of a successful implementation.

You delegate the implementation process to our industry experts so you can focus on serving your clients.

The Goals

Our Consultant

Dery Boesly

Finance and General Affair

July 1993 - June 1998

Billing and Collection Manager

July 1998 - February 2020

Expert Consultant

January 2023 - Now

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