Who we are and what we believe in

ProHukum is the leading legal software in Indonesia. It was first launched in 2011 to a few selected law firms. In the same year, ProHukum Software won several awards including Microsoft iMulai 3.0, Kemkominfo INAICTA 2010, Global Entrepreneurship Program – Indonesia (GEPI), and Telkom Indigo Fellowship 2011.

In 2014, ProHukum started offering the software as cloud subscription only (SaaS). Since adopting subscription model, ProHukum has grown exponentially. We have evolved into the leading software for the legal industry that are widely-used by top-tier law firms in Indonesia.

By 2017, 6 out of 10 largest law firms in Jakarta trust ProHukum as their legal software of choice.

We are excited for what we will be launching in the next few years.

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Our Milestones