Why Prohukum?

Trusted by top-tier law firms

ProHukum is the leading Practice Management System in Indonesia and used by top-tier law firms in various practice areas. They believe in us and they thrive. We are certain you will too.

Local Support

We provide on-site support and training in Indonesia to better serve our clients. No expensive long-distance calls needed to contact us. Faster response combined with exceptional service. You can never go wrong.

Business Intelligence

Our software is built with intelligence inside. Every data you input into ProHukum is analyzed and presented in a way that helps your firm becomes more advantageous.

Learn from the best

ProHukum is the result of years of experience and knowledge sharing from top-tier law firms in their respective practice areas. We pick out the best features to incorporate into ProHukum and leave out the rest. We learn from the best so you can too.

100% Success Rate

Since ProHukum is a proven product with extraordinary support, we always deliver. However unique your firm is and how you may need customizations, chances are that feature already exists in ProHukum. And if it doesn't, we will incorporate that feature specially for you.

Very easy to use

You can use our software without even reading the manual first. It's that easy.

Localized Features

We understand that Indonesian clienteles behave differently from International-based clienteles so we have localized features that are only available in ProHukum such as multi-layered discounts, split billings, and automatic tax generation among other things.

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Real-time Visibility

Share data among teams and solicitors to help them make better and more informed decisions. With ProHukum, you can view how your firm performs in terms of revenue growth, timesheet log punctuality, and progress status of each matter in real-time.

Make Your Staff Happy

With ProHukum, you can streamline your business by reducing the time spent on mundane administrative and billing tasks so your staff can spend more time on other more important and exciting things.

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