Contract Management system provides features that can help you manage contracts more easily and flexibly. Such as making new contract, document storage, corporate contract tracking, document search, also document reminders. By using Contract Management system, you can improve your company's business control globally for optimal performance in managing and distributing digital documents more efficiently.


Help you to organize your business partner account in one system. It's will save your time.

  Document Sharing    

Contract Management provide easy access for users and ensure your documents shared confidentially.

  Contract Assembly    

Create contract assembly is very easy. With drag and drop feature you can upload it in a second.

  Approval Workflow    

Make sure that document approval request can be handled effectively by using Contract Management.


You will never miss information about your documents. So, your document will be well organized.


We will show you analysis data in a grafic form. So, you can make decisions more easily.

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