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Contract Management will help you to manage your business partner account which is personal or corporate in one system. And will show you a complete information about all document contracts related to your business partner.

You can categorize your business partners by industry and manage what types of documents that can be stored in each account.


Contract Management support various types of documents for easy share and save every documents. So, You can always find what you need when you need it.

Any revision of documents will automatically be saved to a new version after the revision. so, it won’t overwrite the old file. And you can share your documents with whom you trust.


With Contract Management, you can easily create contract assembly with clauses template that are in accordance with the terms and condition of your company. And you can upload documents with drag and drop feature in a second.


By using contract management, You can make sure that document approval request can be handled effectively. Users who have access to the approval workflow can specify contract approval workflow by using a simple contract management approval workflow. And also can impose approval for a specific contract.


Contract management provide smart notification, that will be easy for you to know and manage urgent things. In addition, you will get a notification about the grace period of documents relating to the expiration of the on coming contract periode, status of document, and also tracking status of document's approval.


Contract Management not only manages contracts but also helps you to analyze the quality and effectiveness of your contract management in a practical way.

We help your company to monitor the contract cycle. We will show you analysis data in a grafic form to view the statistics of management workflow, such as document status, current documents and many more. So you can make decisions more easily.

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